Maryland and Chesapeake Bay may now best be known for its iconic crustaceans, Callinectes sapidus, or more simply, the blue crab but that has not always been the case.

    Chesapeake Bay is a Native American term meaning “great shellfish growing water” and although the landscape has changed since colonial times when the local Indian tribes and then the first settlers made their homes along the banks of this vast estuary, the Bay is still home to many species of fish, shellfish and the iconic blue crab that is enjoyed by people around the world.

    Maryland is proud of the culture and traditions that have derived from this Bay and the delicious seafood that comes from it as well.

Maryland Crabmeat

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    Meet Waterman John Van Alstine
    John is not the typical waterman; he was not born into this line of work, growing up watching his father work the water. John instead comes from farmers in Harford County, another profession that relies on the resources to provide food to others.

    So it was a natural transition when he decided to quit the daily grind of being a construction superintendant to do something more fulfilling and that would allow him to have a better quality of life and more flexibility for him and his future family. Learn more...

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